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Your consultation

What would happen at my consultation for a rhinoplasty?

Your initial consultation will normally take approximately 30 minutes. This involves a discussion with Mr Simmons regarding your wishes and a full nasal examination. The findings will be discussed with you and surgical possibilities will be outlined. Clinical photographs will be taken for surgical planning and for your records. You will be given printed information and web addresses for you to take away and learn more.

Normally you will be recommended to return for another consultation (without fee) after you have had time to consider the outcome of the first consultation, in order to discuss things further, to view your photographs, and to make firmer plans.

At your second appointment you will normally be able to select a date for your surgery and a location that suits you. Alternatively you can be given a variety of possible surgery dates should you need to check your own schedule. Your written consent for your procedure will normally be taken at this stage.

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