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A personal approach

A personal approach to your rhinoplasty surgery

At Birmingham Rhinoplasty we pride ourselves on providing a personal tailored approach to your consultation and treatment.

Your surgeon, Mr Simmons, undertakes your preoperative rhinoplasty assessment consultations, your cosmetic surgery and all aftercare himself. At no point will any of your surgical care be delegated to anyone else.

Communication between you and your surgeon is paramount in ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Mr Simmons will allow adequate time for a detailed assessment and will discuss your options with you in plain uncomplicated language. You will be free to ask any questions you wish and, as you are always be seen by your own surgeon, you will be able to have answers straight away. Mr Simmons will listen to your wishes and, with your input, will make a personalised treatment plan for you.

At Birmingham Rhinoplasty we always recommend a second preoperative consultation (without additional fee). This allows you time to think about what has been said in the first consultation and consider your own thoughts about surgery before returning to discuss things further, review your clinical photographs and select a date for surgery.

It is important to Mr Simmons that you do not feel rushed and have had time to consider the situation fully before making any decisions. If you feel you would like more time to consider things then this is not a problem and a third consultation can easily be arranged.

At Birmingham Rhinoplasty we want you have the correct procedure for you, at the correct time for you. You will never be pressurised to make a quick decision and there will be no financial inducements for you so to do.

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