Birmingham Rhinoplasty
Birmingham rhinoplasty - Form with function

Before your operation

Booking procedure

When you have chosen a date the hospital concerned will contact you to confirm the admission details and ask you to fill out a health questionnaire to ensure you are well prepared for your anaesthetic.

On the day of your operation

You will be admitted to a private room, with en suite facilities, in the chosen private hospital on the day of your rhinoplasty operation. Both Mr Simmons and your Anaesthetist will come and see you to ensure everything is correctly prepared for your surgery.

Your rhinoplasty operation will normally be undertaken under general anaesthetic, in a fully equipped and accredited operation theatre with a carefully chosen Consultant Anaesthetist looking after you.

Your operation may take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the specific procedures undertaken.

At the end of the operation you will have a small plastic splint placed over your nose to hold everything in the correct position. Normally you will not have nasal packing or dressings placed inside your nose.

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