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After your operation

After surgery

After your nasal surgery, you will wake in the theatre recovery room where you will be monitored until you wake up fully. You will then return to your room, where you will then be able to rest. Depending upon how you are feeling, and the amount of work undertaken, you may well be able to go home the same evening if you wish.

Following discharge from hospital

Before being discharged you will be shown how to take care of your nose over the immediate post operative period. Over the next few days you will need to gently clean your nostrils and moisturise the inside with a spray that will be provided. Your nose may feel congested and may run a little. Most patients are surprised how little pain or bruising there is.

You will need to rest and take things easy following your operation. Normally we would recommend at least a week off work and a break of at least a month before returning to any strenuous exercise. Most of the bruising will have gone within one week.

Follow up

Mr Simmons will see you in clinic about a week after your nasal operation to gently remove the external splint and any sutures from your nose. Most of the bruising and swelling will have settled by then. You would normally be seen once or twice after this over the next few months. Usually these follow up appointments are included in the package fee.

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