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Birmingham rhinoplasty - Form with function

What is rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty is corrective nasal surgery aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal your nose. It is otherwise known as Cosmetic Nasal Surgery, Nasal Corrective Surgery or a ‘Nose Job.’

Rhinoplasty is not a single 'set piece' operation. It is a collection of different surgical techniques that can change the shape or size of your nose in a variety of ways.

The key to successful surgery is to assess your nose well and to decide which techniques need to be applied to your particular situation.

At Birmingham Rhinoplasty, Mr Simmons will carefully assess your nose, both inside and out and discuss with you what may be most appropriate in your own case.

Many noses already have a compromised nasal breathing function and it is important to preserve or enhance the breathing function of your nose at the same time as improving its appearance. Often corrective surgery to the septum (the midline nasal partition) may be needed at the same time in the form of a ‘Septorhinoplasty’.

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