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Birmingham rhinoplasty - Form with function

What is rhinoplasty?

What is possible?

Most noses can be improved in one way or other. Noses can be shortened if over long or lengthened if short. Broad noses may be narrowed and large noses may be reduced in size. If there is a hump over the nasal bridge this can be reduced. Misaligned or twisted noses may be straightened. Bulky nasal tip areas can be refined if needed. The angle between the base of the nose and top lip can be controlled.

Many things may be undertaken surgically, but to achieve the result you desire it is important to have your nose assessed carefully and discuss what is appropriate in your own case.

Your surgery may be undertaken either using the 'Closed Rhinoplasty' technique or with the ‘Open Rhinoplasty’ technique depending on your needs. The closed technique allows all surgery to be performed through small incisions inside the nostril leaving no external scars. The open technique allows more complex work to be undertaken on the nasal tip area and leaves a small scar between your nostrils which blends in well to the surrounding skin. Generally, within a few weeks it is barely noticeable.

At Birmingham Rhinoplasty Mr Simmons aims to refine your nose in a way that you desire whilst maintaining subtlety and avoiding the look of ‘an obviously operated upon nose’.

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